mercredi 17 février 2016

Un projet de réunion des éditeurs indépendants de SF européens à l'Eurocon 2016

Ci après le message d'Hugo Camacho Cabeza: Dear friends: Here's some professional info regarding Eurocon 2016. Please feel free to pass it around among publishers around Europe if you know some. Thank you! Within the 2016 Eurocon we are organising a meeting of European small press publishers of SF, Fantasy, and Horror. We want to raise the level of communication between such publishers as regards socialising and making exchanges and collaborations easier. The goal: to increase the number of books translated from and into all the European languages. The extent and depth of this meeting will depend on the number of small presses which sign up. Please help us by sending this notice onward to any contacts who might be interested in selling books in their catalogue and/or buying rights of foreign SFF and Horror author within Europe. How to register your press or publishing house? No additional fee required! You just need to attend Eurocon 2016 in sunny, amazing Barcelona—and email Sofia Rhei at You can also contact me through Facebook: All the information about the con, including Progress Reports, is here: What do you need to do for the meeting? Prepare to talk for 5 minutes about one book which you specially recommend (or about two books within 5 minutes). The book or books must have originally been written in your country’s tongue and published by your press. We are looking for those special, original books with sales potential which deserve to be translated, the jewels of your catalogue. Spanish publishers willing to attend to this meeting should have in their catalogue at least one translated book from a foreign language. You will need to explain to the rest of the European publishers what makes this book attractive and suitable for foreign readers, preferably using brief key concepts and market hooks. Also, don’t forget to bring your business cards, pamphlets, catalogues, merchandising material, and maybe some books to give away. We will have a nice cosy socialising space, some Spanish books to give away, and snacks. Cheers!

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