vendredi 15 juin 2007

Un livre de SF pour enfants de Stephen Hawking

Info dans l'IHT: Stephen Hawking écrit un livre de SF
pour enfants:

NEW YORK: Talk about science fiction: Stephen Hawking,
author of the million-selling "A Brief History of
Time," is writing a "middle-grade" novel.

"George's Secret Key to the Universe," the story of a
young man's computer-driven adventures, will be
published this fall by Simon & Schuster.

"We are thrilled that Professor Stephen Hawking has
written this one-of-a-kind book for children," Rubin
Pfeffer, senior vice president and publisher of Simon
& Schuster Children's Trade Publishing, said Thursday
in a statement.

"Just like 'A Brief History of Time' inspired millions
of adult minds around the globe, 'George's Secret Key
to the Universe' will make this complex material
readily accessible to a younger audience."

The book, co-written with Hawking's daughter, author
Lucy Hawking, is the story of a boy named George who
befriends a scientist and the scientist's daughter.
George soon "finds himself on a wildly fun adventure,
while learning about physics, time and the universe."

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