mercredi 20 juin 2007

Un appel à texte (en anglais)

ola, welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!

LA IDEA FIJA is asking for themed short-stories and you are invited to send!

The theme is SEX OBJECT

The stories should NOT NECCESSARILY be erotics, just something inspired
in that verbal construction. It can be a feminist (or antifeminist or
male chauvinist) story, it can be a story where the "object" part is "to
object", it can be a story about an object with sex, or having sex with
an object, or just a plain simple erotic story.
The important thing is that the story should be ingenious and with an
interestingh twist to the two words of the theme. Humour and sordidness
are valued, if they are used well. Slang too. Obviety, the easy joke and
low-range imagination are not welcomed.

Of course, the story should be unpublished and not be pending anywhere.

Lenght? Feel free, but between 2000 and 5000 words would be perfect. You
can exceed 2000 more and everything's OK. You can also go down to 1000
words without problem. If you go shorter than this, send two, three or
more stories, until you fall into the optimum range

Deadline? June 30 if you want to be in the first uploads of issue #11,
July 31 to be in the following updates. And later if you believe in our
fantasy to make an anthology on this theme

Send your stories to, with "OBJETO SEXUAL"
as the subject of the email and author's name and title in the name of
the file.
DOC or RTF, please!

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